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Say What?

You're probably sick and tired of hearing about millennials. They don't watch TV anymore, they still live with mum and dad and love taking selfies.

We're not claiming to be the first to research them.

What we are claiming is that we've made sense of all the noise, identified the key things you need to know and how you can use this information in your advertising.

Let's take it from the top...

1. We delved into what was already out there to help us identify myths to challenge and hypotheses to test.

2. We spoke to groups of millennials (students, graduates and working professionals) through workshops, debates, focus groups and Pinterest-based tasks.

3.We did an online survey to test and quantify what we were discovering, speaking to millennials and older generations, for comparison.

Here's what we've got

Millennial traits
8 things you need to know about millennials, complete with nickable slides for your presentations
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Expert guide
All the geeky detail in a white paper document, perfect for researchers, jam-packed with quotes and statistics
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9 rules for marketing to millennials We've identified the ultimate how-to guide, infographics and videos included
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On Fleek or So Last Week? (Coming Soon)
Our monthly poll where they tell us what's trending (and yes, you can ask them your own questions)